Mission & Vision

Rock Solid Urban Impact’s mission is to help improve cities by providing practical solutions to real problems. Our vision is to establish healthy families and bonded communities, led by mature leaders who bring relational, emotional, and practical healing to hurting people around the world.


The Need & Opportunity:

All one has to do is watch the six o’clock news to realize that our cities are in deep trouble. Violence and crime, substance abuse, fractured families are just some of the problems corroding our communities.  The gap between the rich and poor is growing dangerously wide, producing hopelessness, alienation, and anger.  The situation is more wide-spread and dangerous than most of us realize.  The desperation of those living in the inner city will increasingly impact and threaten the suburbs.  Everyone needs to recognize the severity of the problem, and contribute to the solution.

We can revive our cities!   With the right strategy and support, enough people can be influenced to really make a difference. Most people want to change, but they don’t know how.  They may know how, but lack the help.  By working together, we can provide the five essential ingredients necessary to alter our communities:

  1. The use of nature and recreation as a tool of transformation
  2. Love and mentoring in supportive relationships
  3. Holistic training that affects the head, heart, and hands
  4. Practical help and opportunities
  5. The dignity of serving those less fortunate in other parts of the world


Our strategy is to not reinforce entitlement which fosters co-dependence and thus enables irresponsibility and dysfunction. It is to equip and empower people, so that they can lead and manage their own lives.  The partnership will be provided in such a way that reinforces personal  responsibility.  Freedom of choice, personal accountability, and consequences will be woven into the programs.


  • We help people heal and mature into their best selves. We start by shaping a positive identity and sense of self-worth, then move to character formation, and then coach toward improvements in outward choices and behavior. All of these changes occur in the context of bonded relationships – the key to transformation. We train those we serve how to renew their minds, transform their hearts, which leads to better life choices.
  • We place people around loving families and individuals. This provides ongoing positive support, accountability, and mentoring. Who loves us, and who we love, is the most powerful force for personal healing and growth.
  • We provide holistic and comprehensive training in how to live successfully. This includes training in life skills, outdoor wilderness, basic trade skills, communications, business and more.
  • We develop city-transforming strategies and programs that provide practical solutions to real problems.
  • We train and mobilize people to bring practical help to those in need around the world.
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